KWE Service

During the history of our company we have consistently worked on our development in all areas. We can now confidently present ourselves as a powerful partner in the drive technology sector.


Tailor-made service

The customers’ unlimited satisfaction with our products and services was and still is the decisive factor for us for a long-term, solid partnership. That in turn can only be achieved if everything is really just right.


KWE expertise transfer

Of course we are glad to pass on our technical knowledge in matters of drive technology to the staff who operate your plant. During maintenance and commissioning as well as in the frame of special technical training courses our experts pass on detailed information on design and maintenance-relevant correlations.

The goal of such measures is a solid qualification of your personnel, not least also in terms of reliability, condition monitoring and error diagnosis.


Fast help “in case of emergency”

Whenever our support is needed we are available to you at any time. In emergencies, that naturally also applies to Sundays and holidays. Our service vehicle is equipped with everything needed to make a damage assessment and provide quick help right on the spot.


Emergency number: +49 (0) 160 5838 420

We are always glad to help you with any questions, desires and problems involving drive technology. Just give us a call!


Tailor-made service

In the frame of an individual maintenance contract that is tailored to your needs we provide you with all the service performance it includes at favourable terms. Both the comprehensive condition monitoring of your drive system as well as the warranty of an unrestricted spare-part availability are important components of such a contract. To ensure the high quality standard that is in line with the market, the entire KWE production and service process underlies an external and internal quality assurance system.

All the test findings and measured data collected during manufacturing as well as during acceptance on the gear unit test rig are continuously logged to ensure the goal of high availability and reliability of the gear units.

With our “Tailor-made Service” concept, KWE guarantees individual, demand-oriented services and is convincing its global customers with the highest degree of quality, precision, speed and reliability.


Gear unit repair servicing

We repair gear units from various manufacturers and model years. Please visit our special site for gear unit servicing and repairs of industrial gear units for more information.