Transmission repair and servicing: We repair industrial gear units from various manufacturers and model years

Do you need a gear unit repair because your gear unit has a tooth fracture, bearing damage or another kind of gearbox damage? Is the gearing subject to increased wear, micropitting or pit development? Does your gear unit exhibit increased operating noise, vibrations or oscillations? At KWE not only are we experts for new gear units in industrial and stationary use but we also provide you with excellent service for gear repair and gearbox optimisation. With our servicing, your repaired gear unit will run as smoothly as on the first day.

And we can provide our repair service with our many years of experience, not only for our own gear units but also for gear units from all other manufacturers – even if they are no longer available. So if you ever use one of these gear units in your company and need a gear inspection, maintenance or servicing, just give us a call! An inspection can be performed either in our own shop or on your premises, e.g. with a video scope.

Below please see a list excerpt of manufacturers whose gear units we can maintain quickly and easily:

  • Seegers (manufacturing drawings available)
  • Westdeutsche Getriebewerke / WGW
  • Flender
  • Jahnel-Kestermann / JaKe
  • Hansen
  • PIV
  • Sauerwald / SantaSalo / Moventas
  • Ostermann
  • Dorstener Maschinenfabrik
  • Pekrun
  • Lohmann & Stolterfoth / L&S
  • Renk
  • Tacke
  • Zollern
  • David Brown
  • Westfalia Lünen
  • Zahnräderfabrik Düsseldorf Gebr. Beyll
  • TGW Thyssen-Getriebewerke
  • Wülfel Hannover
  • etc…

If the stated makes are trademarks of the respective manufacturer, they remain their sole property.